Jade Edict: Big Bentō

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With Coils of Power and Peace at Any Cost released on Jigoku, we issue now a short update to address cards in those packs. This update comes in time for the Clan War tournament.

Courting Trouble: stopping the storm

Since we laid eyes on Calling the Storm we knew that card was trouble. If on one hand, the rules as written make the card literaly impossible to play; on the other hand, if the card somehow finds a way to be played it’s a recipe for all kinds of degenerate play. Calling the Storm costs you 0 fate, do draw infinite cards: this is not an exageration, even the discarded cards can be drawn again due to how the game framework deals with decks running out of cards. The card is a flagrant attack against the Principle #4. Calling the Storm is banned.

Battle of Drowned Honor: mass honoring effects

With the full knowledge of Temptation Cycle we must revisit a recent decision. With the release of Phoenix Tattoo and Fu Sui Temple we have even more ways of massive amounts of characters with a single card. Those kinds of effects usually lead to insta-wins, as we discussed previously. As it is made clear that honoring characters en masse is a design direction and not just an accident, we must change our approach to that.

In accordance with Principle #6 “Cards want to be played” we must try to deal with problems by affecting the fewer cards possible. So we must strike at the big enabler of such strategies, while releasing the secondary pieces. Force of the River has been used to generate large quantities of characters, who get honored by some mass honor effect, and as they leave play at the end of the conflict they make the honor gain imediate, not even allowing the opponent time to try to control the effect of to try to win the game before the honor gain happens. Force of the River is an interesting card, but in practice its main use was in those kinds of combos, seldom seeing play outside those decks. To keep as many cards playable as possible, we target it instead of the other cards. Force of the River is banned. Glorious Victory is liberated.

At the moment, we believe Festival for the Fortunes still needs to stay banned, to avoid making honor swarm out of Crane too powerful. With the release of Fu Sui Temple, we see that as a risk. The position on Festival for the Fortunes will be revisited in the future.

One Action, Two Strikes: the temple and the village

With the release of Adorned Temple, we take it in consideration together with Shadowed Village. Both holdings are similar by providing large rewards for its costs. After more testing and consideration we believe those powerful cards can find balanced play, by gaining a deckbuilding restriction. Making them restricted, will keep them playable without being a simple insert into existing decks, but instead requiring careful tought and some focused build around them due to the extra deckbuilding cost. This is done to keep in line with Principle #7 “Cards want to be played”, while keeping the balancing Principles #4 and #5 in account. Shadowed Village and Adorned Temple are restricted.

Edict of Judgment: the compiled list

Banned cards Restricted cards
  • Charge!
  • City of the Rich Frog
  • Enlightenment
  • Gateway to Meido
  • Lost Papers
  • Policy Debate
  • Proving Grounds
  • Shameful Display
  • The Imperial Palace
  • Common Cause
  • Karada District
  • Rebuild
  • Daidoji Netsu
  • Daidoji Uji 2
  • Festival for the Fortunes
  • Guest of Honor
  • Kakita Toshimoko
  • Magistrate Station
  • The Wealth of the Crane
  • Mirumoto Daishō
  • Shoshi ni Kie
  • Glorious Victory
  • Ikoma Tsanuri 2
  • Logistics
  • Tactical Ingenuity
  • Calling the Storm
  • Consumed by Five Fires
  • Display of Power
  • Isawa Tadaka 1
  • Jurōjin’s Curse
  • Kanjo District
  • Master of Gisei Toshi
  • Cunning Magistrate
  • Dispatch to Nowhere
  • Duty
  • Forged Edict
  • Governor's Spy
  • Hidden Moon Dōjō
  • Shadowed Village
  • Force of the River
  • Scouted Terrain
  • Spyglass
  • Talisman of the Sun
  • Contested Countryside
  • Keeper Initiate
  • Slovenly Scavenger
  • Kaiu Envoy
  • Kuni Laboratory
  • Reprieve
  • Way of the Crab
  • Adorned Temple
  • Ki Alignment
  • Mirumoto’s Fury
  • Sacred Sanctuary
  • Seal of the Dragon
  • Called to War
  • Chronicler of Conquests
  • Exposed Courtyard
  • Embrace the Void
  • Forgotten Library
  • Sanpuku Seido
  • Secluded Shrine
  • A Fate Worse than Death
  • Alibi Artist
  • Bayushi Shoju 2
  • Mark of Shame
  • Shadow Step
  • Shadowed Village
  • Khanbulak Benefactor
  • Shinjo Yasamura
  • Utaku Tetsuko

Servitors of Stone: roll the credits

This Jade Edict was elaborated in appreciation for the game and respect for the community, by the Magistrate Team:

DirtyDeeds#9918, jmart#6576, Notfragile#7860, Siri#3954, Usagi#0328, zarzuckett#6853

With the invaluable playtest and council of the Councillors:

We also counted on the playtest of the Ronin: