Introducing: The Jade Court

TLDR: here’s the latest Jade Edict


Hello Rokugan Citizens, this is an announcement that we had not planned to publish yet, but in light of the news that revolutionized our hobby of choice recently, with the importance it carries for all of us, we feel in need to do it already, so let us introduce you to the Jade Court.

The Jade Court is an effort that was born in 2021-01-06 within the group of the Discord League Admins. Trying to channel the general player feelings about the state of the game already back then, and with the blessing and desire from the design team to see how the game could be like with a more limited pool of cards, and how the players would react to playing such a format, the Jade Court was formed.

The original members of this first small group were:

The first intent of the group after assembling it’s core members was to assess the current known problems of the game right now, and try to find a way to generate a custom Restricted and Banned List that could assess those problems, and influence Design decisions for future Imperial Laws.

After creating a first list, the initial members seeked out to add a group of respected and competitive players, from all clans and different metagames to give their opinions and more importantly, play games and test it out. Already a couple weeks in of having this talented group of players, the fist reception has been great.

A few words from some of the testers involved:

“I first found out about new L5R when I was watching a League of Legends video and heard the host (Monte Cristo) explain that L5R was the most skilled card game he ever played, where top players are capable of reaching a 90% win rate. He was absolutely right about that at first, but somewhere along the way the game started to feel like every other card game, where one person creates a problem and the next player either has an answer to continue playing, or doesn’t and falls way behind. Even though the Jade Edict is still early in the testing phase, I immediately noticed that the games I was playing had the same feel as when I first played L5R, and along with being more fun and strategic than the current meta, the different clans all feel more balanced than they have in the past.”
Poogin - 2019 World Championship runner up

“My first reaction of this idea was not the best. I believe that the game needs a good rebuild on some base rules first and after focus on the cards. However, from the very first days of testing the new meta and RL/BL, I see an another very similar game as the one we loved on it’s best. At the moment I am waiting to formal and issue this try. With some very important touches, the game have a good abruptness to the gameplay and deckbuilding and introduce different decks and cards.”
Yoritomo Alex - 2015 European Champion

“These changes are a great step towards bringing back the feeling the game had through most of it´s run. It brings back player agency and makes game decisions relevant with the slower pace and less reliable Dinasty. Overall they make the game more fun, tactical and interactive.”
Fleepa0 - 2019 World Champion, Shogun.

“The Jade Edict environment manages to capture the magic of L5R by emphasizing its best parts and cutting the worst without holding back. It has me more excited to play than I have been in a long time!”
Daidoji Erik - 2018 World Champion

The Jade Edict list is currently in Closed Beta Stage and gearing up to open it to more public with the Beta Stage, including an special event under the Discord League umbrella. So expect more news about this soon. We believed from the beginning the first step towards “fixing” the game was addressing its current problems and that’s what we are focused on right now.

Moving Forward the game might require a Core 2.0, and then new content, more people will be required to put the efforts to do so, and we will all need to come together with one vision on the game if we are not to divide communities.

The Jade Court is actively working with other groups of people to try and have a unified joint effort in order to make L5R the best it can be, by adding our work to it.

Expect to hear more about the Jade Court soon.

Sincerely, The Jade Court Magistrates team.